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Brass Shamrock Training

About Brass Shamrock Training

At Brass Shamrock, we get it. When duty calls, the only option is to act tactically — That’s where we come in. Prepare you and your team to meet the moment with skill, grit, and determination to persevere and thrive.

Our Firefighting cadre will bring their years of experience to the drill ground providing the highest level of training possible. While our law enforcement and military group will draw on a vast range of technicalities and knowledge. Our proven courses are designed to equip you with real-life experiences to fall back on when the most unexpected occurs. With our custom forcible entry doors and props, your training will mimic first-hand scenarios faced in the line of active duty.

With the guidance of our team of experts, we’ll work together to bring your department confidence in assuring every first responder is confident in accomplishing the job every time.

Our mission is to supply the highest level of Truck Training to all Firefighters, Police, and Military.

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About Our Brass Shamrock Training Service

Search & RIC Training

This comprehensive course offers in-depth coverage of the fundamental search techniques, including Standard, Oriented, and Team searches. Building on this foundation, we will delve into more advanced topics such as VES/VEIS, Large and/or Complex area searches, and Searching ahead of the hose line. Our curriculum will also incorporate essential skills like Air management, RIC/RIT, and patient removal, ensuring our trainees are well-prepared for real-world emergency scenarios.

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