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Ventilation Props

Our training program offers a comprehensive class on Heavy Lift and Stabilization, covering Concrete, Shoring, and Vehicle lift and stabilization. We cover everything from Simple to Complex lifts, ensuring that our trainees have the skills and knowledge they need to handle any situation.

We provide extensive coverage of the techniques and strategies involved in Heavy Lift and Stabilization, with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. Our trainees are equipped with the tools they need to perform heavy lifts in a wide range of settings, ensuring that they can respond to emergency situations with confidence and proficiency.

Our Heavy Lift and Stabilization class is a comprehensive and engaging training program that will equip our trainees with the skills and knowledge they need to respond to emergency situations safely and effectively.

We encourage our trainees to explore innovative solutions for Heavy Lift and Stabilization,
and we are proud to recommend our friends at rescueblox.com.
Their step chock/cribbing blocks, rated up to 50,000 lbs, are a valuable tool that can enhance the safety and efficiency of Heavy Lift and Stabilization operations.

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